• Daughter Boutique’s CEO Ms Kumiko Horikawa:

    The first time I met Teru Harase was about 7 years ago at SCAJ in Tokyo.

    I was helping friends at an exhibition at SCAJ and had a very positive impression of Teru.

    Time went by, and I attended another exhibition in 2014, ran Daughter Boutique and started making confectionery.
    Last summer, I saw the iki Espresso booth at the annual Cafe and Bakery Show in Tokyo, and I was delighted to reconnect with Teru through this unexpected encounter.

  • I love to drink coffee and wanted to open a cafe, yet it was this happy encounter with Teru that became the catalyst as I wanted to learn from a reliable source how to serve perfect coffee.

    I learned hand drip coffee and enjoyed all training with the iki staff in order to serve great coffee. Whenever I needed help, Teru and his team were available to provide personal training. I am very grateful to Teru for all his support.

    Now I know how to provide great coffee for my customers and business.