We are coffee and cafe specialists.

At iki, we bring the best coffee, food and services to our customers and partners.
iki is built on community and friendship. Our success as coffee and café specialists is a result of the experiences we have been privileged to enjoy for the past 25 years and the resulting friendships along the way.

We have enjoyed every aspect of bringing iki to life; From learning the craft of perfect espresso-making from New Zealand’s best barista, to designing our unique café spaces, to our growing coffee community in Kiyosumi Shirakawa.

We welcome new partnerships to share our unique approach.

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of our customers and partners, iki has grown to become a successful café, pop up space, roastery, coffee training centre and café consulting business. We remain focused on our simple purpose of providing great coffee, beautiful food and friendly service.

At iki, we want to keep things simple. We want to celebrate all things local and be locals. We believe that a daily ritual over coffee in a welcoming environment inspires and motivates each of us to be and do our best. Our friendly and knowledgeable people bring a sense of community to welcoming spaces.

We want to connect with others who share our love of great coffee, food and hospitality.