Teru Harase

Teru Harase

Espresso coffee specialist and café founder

I grew up in Tochigi ken and became a passionate rugby player in my teens. After graduating from university, I went to New Zealand to develop my rugby skills and learn English. After winning a club rugby championship in Auckland, I started developing an active interest in boxing. At the same time, I discovered espresso coffee and trained as a barista, learning from one of NZ’s best coffee experts. I worked as a barista and manager in several local cafes in Auckland, before starting to develop cafes for clients.

I opened my first cafe in 2007.

In late 2012 I returned to Japan as a business partner and general manager of a NZ-based coffee roasting company, and launched the Japanese branch office, including a new cafe and roastery. I have been privileged to contribute to the development of quality espresso cafes in the Kiyosumi Shirakawa area of Tokyo. Since 2015, I have been offering cafe consulting services while launching a new café together with my New Zealand wife and business partner.

I have been fortunate to travel extensively in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania in search of the best coffee and cafe-style food, and look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Kim Harase

Kim Harase

Coffee lover, foodie and café founder

I was born in San Jose, California, grew up in Sweden and eventually settled in New Zealand after visiting the place and falling in love with the country and its people.

Travel has always been a large part of my life. As international Director of Marketing of the largest private education group in NZ for 18 years. I have been privileged to visit many corners of the world and have had the opportunity to enjoy the best coffee, food and wine on offer. In my spare time, I have travelled in search of new experiences, including hiking, horse trekking and kayaking.

iki Espresso is the culmination of an ambition Teru and I have to offer the very best coffee, food and hospitality services in Japan.

We look forward to meeting you!

Masako Nakatsuka

Assistant General Manager

After graduating from university, I worked in restaurants in Tokyo, Hyogo and Osaka for about 6 years.

I visited iki Espresso and and realised I had found a place where perfect coffee is served.

My goal is to roast and serve great coffee, and to help others follow their passion for coffee.


Junko Miyajima


I started learning how to bake after graduating from high school.

After working in Kyoto, I moved to France and worked in the suburbs of Paris.I then returned to Japan and worked in Tokyo for a year before deciding to return to France.

I continued my bakery career in Paris and the Alsace region.While working in Alsace, I won a regional baguette competition. I then participated in another competition in Paris and became a finalist.

After gaining many experiences, I returned to my hometown Niigata and opened my own bakery.
When I met Teru and learnt about iki Espresso, I decided to join their new team at iki Roastery & Eatery.

Kei Komoriya


I was born in Tokyo and studied culinary arts after high school as my goal was to become a French chef. After gaining experience at restaurants in Kojimachi, Aoyama and Shibuya, my sibling invited me to join the hotel industry.

My career as a hotel chef gave me the opportunity to work at the Yokohama Bay Sheraton, ANA Hotel Tokyo, the Westin Hotel, Four Seasons and the Intercontinental. While I mainly specialised in French and Italian cuisine, I also had the opportunity to be in charge of breakfasts and enjoyed serving morning dishes using fresh ingredients.

I have always been a coffee lover and it is my passion for great coffee and beautiful food that made me approach iki.​

I am delighted to be part of the iki team and look forward to creating delicious food for you and your clients.


Tomoe Uchinomiya


I come from Saitama prefecture and studied in Vancouver as I was interested in foreign cultures.
After graduation, I worked at hotel restaurants in Hakone and Ginza for about 6 years.
Believing that coffee enriches ones daily life, I dreamt of working with coffee. One day I discovered iki Espresso.
Now I do my very best to deliver a cup that enriches your daily life as much as possible.

Momoko Shimizu


I’m from Tokyo and have been working in patisseries and cafes ever since graduating from confectionery school.

I joined iki espresso to best prepare myself for realising my dream to one day start a cafe in my hometown.

I want to bake great cakes that bring smiles to the faces of our valued guests
at iki Espresso.


Asuka Shimogiri


Originally from Chiba, I always wanted to work as a barista and got a job with a major coffee franchise after graduating from college.
I wanted to learn more about quality coffee and was lucky to join iki Espresso.
Each day, I make every effort to deliver great iki coffee.


Ryoko Nakano


I enjoyed a working holiday experience in NZ and returned to Japan in 2020.
Three months later, I started roasting coffee at iki. It is very rewarding to be part of the process of developing perfectly roasted blends and single origins for our valued customers and coffee partners.
Your are warmly welcome to visit the iki roastery to learn more about our coffee.


Aoi Miyashita


After graduating from a nutrition college and confectionery school, I worked at a cafe.
However, I wanted to learn more about pastries, confectionery and coffee, so I approached iki Espresso and joined the team.
I will do my very best to make sweets that will delight our customers!


Hana Ijuin


After working as a cafe baker in New Zealand for a year, I wanted to continue to develop my pastry-making skills in a similar environment.
At iki, I can pursue my passion for delicious cabinet food while having fun.
Please let us know what you think about our treats!


Kai Sengo


I have loved coffee ever since I was a student and experienced real coffee at a Seattle coffee shop.

After graduating from college, I became a barista and started my coffee career at an Italian restaurant.

I joined iki as I wanted to be part of a business dedicated to making great coffee. A place where I could continue to grow professionally.

My goal is to make everyone smile while enjoying a variety of coffees with us.


Fukushi Sato


I was born in Tokyo in 1999 and studied cooking at college.
After graduation, I joined iki Espresso as I wanted to develop my skills in creating quality food and be part of the iki team.
I’m passionate about preparing each dish with care and making our customers happy!