• We are grateful to Teru Harase and the iki team for helping us to open our first cafe. I am very glad that Teru and friends gave me so much support.

    Picto cafe owner Ms Junko Miyajima:

    I appreciate the opportunity to meet Teru through coffee. I don’t know how much I could have done without him, as I was able to talk to Teru about everything to prepare for the opening.

  • The idea that a baker does not simply want to open a bakery but also wants a cafe that serves excellent coffee is not an easy concept in today’s competitive environment. Teru listened to my words carefully and believed in me and the concept. It was something he related to.

    We received comprehensive support; from ordering the necessary equipment and fixtures to coffee training. In order to be able to concentrate on baking as a professional job, Teru delivered an espresso machine to my home at an early stage which allowed me to practice at home until the cafe opened.

    The amount of precious time that Teru and the iki team dedicated to successfully complete the project shows their great trust in me and this cafe.

  • Picto

    1-17-25, Shinmachi, Mitsuke City, Nigata