Open iki Roastery & Eatery

iki Roastery & Eatery
Thu, Fri 8:00-17:00 Sat, Sun 8:00-19:00
Closed Mon-Wed

Welcome to the ultimate espresso experience overlooking the Sumida River!

Housed in a character riverfront warehouse, only 5-minutes’ walk from the iki Espresso cafe, our new Eatery and Roastery is a fusion of Japanese and Kiwi culture.

We are excited to offer a riverfront community space where guests from near and far can enjoy coffee roasted on site with delicious home-baked food.

The new iki Roastery & Eatery features a bakery, a coffee bar and a relaxed eatery space. A new roasting machine will be installed by the end of the year.

We are excited to create a new anchor for the community while sharing our lifelong passion for coffee and food.
iki Roastery & Eatery is available for event hire, please contact us for details.

iki Roastery & Eatery
1-4-7 Tokiwa Koto-Ku, Tokyo