Nice Time Coffee

  • At iki Espresso, I worked as a kitchen staff for almost a year.
    “Let’s study café in Tokyo”,

    Nice Time Coffee owner Masako Saito:

    I moved to Tokyo from Akita with just my thoughts and momentum, and I was lucky to be hired by iki. I will never forget my first work day. Teru said: “Please contact me when you are calm”, when the worst happened to my parents and I had to return home. I stayed at my parents’ house in Akita for about a month. Teru sometimes contacted me and said, “Welcome back to iki anytime.” I returned to iki and Teru understood that I had to go back to Akita a year later due to my family circumstances.

  • I decided to work hard at iki and make the best of being an iki team member in Tokyo for a limited time.
    Returning to Tokyo, working with Teru and the staff of iki ESPRESSO was more enjoyable than I imagined, and I have memories of laughing every day. Plus I learned a lot, and it was so rich and fulfilling that I couldn’t believe it was just a year.

    I went back to Akita with the words of Teru saying: “If you go back to Akita, you should open a cafe.” We started preparations for opening the business and finally opened the cafe.

    After flying between Akita and Tokyo to attend training at iki many times and learning about ordering iki coffee beans, I always feel like I’m part of a family and I think I am blessed with a really good relationship .

    I now proudly own Akita’s first store where you can enjoy iki Espresso coffee and a great food. I welcome you with confidence.

  • Nice Time Coffee

    Forvic Town Building 4-4-45 Omachi Akita
    Business hours 11: 00-19: 00 (L.O 18:30)
    Regular holiday Tuesday